Texet PS-SC1EX Strip Cut shredder

  • Strip Cut Paper & Credit Card Shredder: Texet PS-SC1EX Strip Cut shredder, shreds up to 6 sheets of paper at one time and one credit card at a given time.  
  • Operation Made Easy: This strip cut shredder comes with 3 mode control switch function to protect the paper shredder from paper jams.  
  • Shredder Bin Capacity: This ultra-stylish shredder accepts up to 20 sheets of A4 paper  
  • Protection Enabled: Texet PS-SC1EX home/office shredder is enabled with overheat protection for safe operation. The shredder will turn itself off after being used for 2 continuous minutes and has to be cooled down before further usage. 

Product Specifications

  • Strip Shredding: The Texet Strip Cut paper shredder turns A4 paper into 35 strips, meeting the international shredding standers.  

  • Build with three mode control switches, along with automatic start and stop sensors for a for an easy and flawless operation. 

  • Ops Time: PS-SC1EX has a run time of 2 min, allowing you to shred your confidential documents, and credit cards.  

  • Safe and Secure: The shredder is built to provide utmost protection, and thus, it is enabled with overheat protection for safe and secure operations.  

  • The shredder is built very portably to perfectly fit in all homes or office spaces, and make them look classier.