Texet CC612EX High-Security Shredder

  • Crosscut Paper & Card Shredder Texet high security shredder, shreds up to 6 sheets of paper at one time into tiny pieces. This crosscut shredder also destroys junk mail/document/staples/credit cards.
  • Easy Operation: Texet CC612EX comes with an auto start/stop function to protect the paper shredder from paper jams.
  • More Shredding: The shredder comes with the waste bin with about 12 liters capacity allowing to shred more papers or cards than usual.
  • Secured Protection: The home and office shredder is enabled with overheat and overload protection to tackle the trouble in using the shredder and prolong its lifetime. The shredder will turn itself off after being used for 2 continuous minutes and has to be cooled down before further usage.
  • Premium Glossy and Matte: The Texet shredder comes with a portable design and a premium look available in both glossy and matte finish, finessing the office spaces.

Product Specifications